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Kidney Infection Treatment: The Top 10 Home Remedies

When Kidneys Go Wrong We live in a world filled with chemicals, toxins, and corrosive materials, things that overload our…

Cooking Can Make Food Unhealthy

As regular readers, you know that great health starts with great food. But you might not realize that there are…

Good foods dont exist

Everyone knows that losing weight means eating “good” foods, avoiding “bad” foods, and (ugh)—counting calories. But what if it’s not…

What are you doing to maintain healthy blood pressure?

Healthy blood pressure means so much more than just hitting that 120/80 What are you doing to maintain healthy blood…

Iron Must be Balance in your diet

Conventional wisdom in my childhood, and probably yours, was that if we didn’t “clean up our plate,” we’d have what…

Yogurt beneficial part of your diet

Yogurt should be a delicious and beneficial part of your diet. When made correctly, it’s not full of sugar, and…

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Rifqa Bary Fled Islam to Follow Jesus

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  • VIDEO : Rudy Giuliani, “There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for RIOTS!” November 15, 2016
    American society doesn’t have common sense anymore. For most liberals “rioting” is a form of expression. According to Rudy Giuliani we shouldn’t have tolerance for the protestors at all. Rudy Giuliani: There’s “no excuse” for the rioting and looting in Charlotte, NC — FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) September 22, 2016 What do you think? […]
  • BREAKING: General Motors & Ford Just Made MASSIVE Announcement About Trump – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! November 15, 2016
    The hot and cold relations between General Motors, Ford, and Donald Trump seem to have reached an end. The president-elect reprimanded the company for moving the car production in Mexico, and not long after Trump was elected President, they somehow accepted his ideas of uniting the people of the U.S. From U Conservative: After an at-times […]
  • BREAKING: Obama Makes DEVASTATING Announcement About Trump – This CHANGES EVERYTHING! November 15, 2016
    According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama is now attempting to latch onto Trump’s term as president by inserting himself into his long-term plans. Apparently, Obama will “spend more time with his successor than presidents typically do” to provide him with additional guidance. After their initial meeting, Obama said he felt “the Republican needs more […]
  • Donald Trump Called Up Putin Today and Made a New Deal that Will Save America! November 15, 2016
    Just like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump just managed to save the United States from another Russian nuclear disaster in a historic phone call today with President Vladimir Putin. During the legendary call, Presidents Trump and Putin agreed that Russia and the US must become friends, work together, and accomplish the 1 goal that the entire world […]
  • Sean Hannity Drops BOMBSHELL About Trump’s White House November 15, 2016
    Fox News host Sean Hannity shocked everyone this weekend when he suggested that he doesn’t want Donald Trump to grant several major news outlets White House press credentials. Politico reported that Hannity agreed with Twitter user J.R. McClaren, who tweeted that CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post and other news outlets “shown to have colluded […]
  • Carrie Underwood Risks Everything to Say THIS About Obama November 15, 2016
    Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, he has repeatedly shown that he has absolutely no respect for the military or for war veterans. Because of this, it’s become risky for entertainers to defy him by making moves to support military veterans. Luckily, there’s still celebrities like Carrie Underwood out there who aren’t afraid to put their careers […]
  • BREAKING: Soros Exposed Hiring FULL-TIME Army to Wreak Havoc in America November 15, 2016
    It’s been reported that Craigslist Ads are popping up around the United States in order to recruit full-time or part-time “protesters” against the Trump Presidency. As the riots and protests rage through our streets in America, the question has to be asked: Does someone behind the scenes want to see civil war in our country? […]
  • BREAKING: Ivanka’s Incredible Response To Those Protesting Her Brand Will Leave You Speechless November 15, 2016
    Ivanka Trump learned how to defend her family, and the brand she has created. It’s family values, people. We bet that those anti-Trump voters don’t know a thing about this, cause otherwise, they wouldn’t mess with her family, and their greatness. Ivanka is lucky to have Donald Trump for her father, cause she sure took […]
  • GREAT NEWS! Denzel Washington Backs Trump In The Most Epic Way Possible November 15, 2016
    While the rest of liberal Hollywood is still trying to demonize Donald Trump, Denzel Washington is speaking out in favor of the president-elect. “We need more and more jobs,” Washington recently commented. “He’s hired more employees, more people, than anyone I know in the world.” This is not the first time the Hollywood star has […]
    People, finally the last vote has been counted. The progressive media keep on reporting that Donald Trump only won by a bit, but we know better than to trust whatever poison the liberal and mainstream media are telling us. From Supreme Patriot: We here at Supreme Patriot will always report the truth, and you can count […]

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  • Biafra: Why Biafra Matters To A Decolonized Africa December 8, 2016
    Thursday 8 December, 2016Across the African continent, foreign powers came from both the East and West, drawing artificial boundaries and using their control to plunder and ravage traditional communities. Nowhere else in the Eastern Hemisphere did humanity witness such a concerted effort to destroy once thriving communities. From slavery (backed by both the Europeans and […]
  • Donald Trump, Israel, And The Potential For A Free Biafra December 8, 2016
    Thursday 8 December, 2016Most Africa observers believe Donald Trump will ignore the continent or at the most put the relationships Presidents Obama and Bush had built there on the back burner. While it’s true Trump does not see Africa as the central plank to his foreign policy, his black and white views of the world […]
    December 08, 2016The history of the Biafran people cannot be separated with the historical attempts of the invasion of their territories by the Nigerian military and the resistance they were confronted with by the great people of the old eastern region.From the Akassa war in the 19th Century that saw the downfall of the Royal […]
  • Biafra: Day “4 of 10 days Twitter Campaign” Buhari has indirectly warned judiciary not to release Nnamdi Kanu December 8, 2016
    No justice Buhari has indirectly warned judiciary not to release Nnamdi KanuThere is power in tweeting, you must tweet and re-tweet , we must trending for 7 days.  If you don’t have a twitter account, click here to signup@michaelmeacher,No justice for #NnamdiKanu, #Buhari has indirectly warned judiciary not to release him @UNrightswire,No justice for #NnamdiKanu, #Buhari has […]
  • Biafra: UN And Obama Turned Blind Eye To Buhari’s Genocide Against Biafrans Until Amnesty International report... December 7, 2016
    Wednesday 7 December, 2016It is no longer news that ever since President Muhammdu Buhari assumed the mantle of leadership of Nigeria on May 29, 2015, one of his noticeably key security focuses so far has been the incessant, premeditated and wanton killing of unarmed members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Christians of […]
  • BIAFRA: PARADIGM SHIFT IN AMERICAN POLITICS: Donald Trump Emerges Buhari's Worst Nightmare December 7, 2016
    BIAFRA: PARADIGM SHIFT IN AMERICAN POLITICS:  Donald Trump Emerges Buhari's Worst Nightmare DONALD TRUMP [US President elect]7th December 2016 The new global events are really throwing many political analysts into a bizarre mode. Those who are liberal in their approach acknowledge the present dynamism in the international paradigm to be an “act of God”.  Those conservatives who […]
  • Does Israel Have A Biafra Strategy? December 7, 2016
    Wednesday 7 December, 2016In 1914 the British took three distinct areas, Lagos Colony, Hausa, and Biafra and forced them together. This action was congruent with a similar policy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and India. The British had a particular paternal view of their colonies and because they decried the seemingly evil policies of France, Germany, […]
  • Biafra: FG Has No Witnesses Against Nnamdi Kanu, We Have Other Options To Ensure He is Released Soon— Barr. Ejiofor December 7, 2016
    Tuesday, December 6, 2016•We Won’t Allow Masquerades To Testify Against Kanu.Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the defense counsel to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has condemned the delay tactics and manner in which the Federal government has been handling the court trial of his client, saying that they have other […]
    December 06, 2016The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has launched ‘Operation David Dance’ few days after the military launched ‘operation python dance’ in the south east.This is coming few days after Nigerian Military launched “Operation Python Dance in the South-East in their quest to quell the Biafra restoration project.In a statement issued by the IPOB’s […]
    Tuesday 6 December, 2016One thing that has been clear since last year’s inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s President is that he does not feel comfortable with the way the judiciary and the legislature overrule him on many issues. Left to him, the moment he pronounces anyone guilty, that person should be jailed. And if […]



  • 7.8-quake hits near Solomon Islands December 8, 2016
    A 7.7-magnitude earthquake has hit close to the Solomon Islands, according to the US Geological Survey. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami watch for Hawaii.
  • Why Aleppo is so important in Syria December 8, 2016
    It's been ravaged by violence for years, and if Aleppo falls now it could mark a turning point in Syria's civil war.
  • US and Russia meet to discuss the war's end December 8, 2016
    The US and Russia's top diplomats are meeting to discuss ways to end the bombing of Aleppo, allow safe passage of those who want to flee the war-torn northern Syrian city and deliver humanitarian aid to its remaining residents, according to senior State Department officials.
  • Thousands flee to western Aleppo as Syrian army takes over December 8, 2016
    As the Syrian army continues to fight its way through the old city of Aleppo, the tide of those fleeing for their lives has become a raging flood, an avalanche.
  • Imagine a world without giraffes December 8, 2016
    It's the tallest land-based mammal in the world.

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  • Police On The Trail Of Kidnappers Of Three In Lagos December 8, 2016
    The Lagos State Police Command has said it is presently on the trail of the 10-man gang of kidnappers who abducted three persons at the Isheri Osun area of Lagos. The gang had on Friday last week stormed the quiet community and abducted two men and a woman without any resistance from neighbours. The gunmen […]
  • Man Chops Off Own Penis After Wife Denied Him Sex December 8, 2016
    A 37-year-old ‘sexually frustrated’ Indian, Ghasi Ram, has cut off his penis after his wife Manjhri Devi, refused his sexual advances. Ram, who claims his wife had not slept with him in a decade, came home drunk on Tuesday when she turned down his demands, Daily Mail is reporting. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh […]
  • Lagos To Start Selling Bag Of Rice For N13,000 From December 15 December 8, 2016
    The Lagos State Government on Thursday said it was ready to roll out Lake Rice on December 15 to Lagosians at N13,000 per 50 kg towards the Yuletide celebrations. The sale will come as succour for millions of Lagosians who like their counterparts in most parts of the country have had to pay over N20,000 […]
  • See Osas Ajibade’s Happy Birthday Message to Hubby December 8, 2016
    It’s Gbenro Ajibade’s birthday, and his wife Osas is celebrating in true celebrity fashion: on social media. The Tinsel star shared the photo above and wrote; 🎉🎉🎉 My husband, my lover, my friend!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @gbenroajibade … I love you beyond what words can say and I pray for nothing but more blessings, great health […]
  • Funke Akindele Releases Cute Christmas card December 8, 2016
    There’s a new standard by which all other Christmas cards will be judged this season, and that’s the just-released holiday greeting by actress Funke Akindele. The Jenifa star look so photogenic and happy in her first Christmas card of the season, which she captioned; “This is the season for peace, joy and fellowship with family […]
  • Sorry! 3 Reasons to End Your Engagement To Your Partner December 8, 2016
    According to Blackandmarriedwithkids, there are 3 situations you should look at and decide if the ring is worth it. An engagement ring doesnt make your partner right. If you experience any of the following, please take a rethink…… 1. Your relationship has unsolvable problems All relationships have problems, so you shouldn’t break up just because […]
  • Book Returned To School Library 120 Years Late December 8, 2016
    A British school got a library book which was long overdue returned to it 120 years after it was originally checked out. Professor Arthur Boycott, a former student who attended Hereford Cathedral School from 1886 to 1894, checked out “The Microscope and its Revelations” by Dr William B. Carpenter and kept it until it was […]
  • 5 Stunning Photos of MISS TOURISM OGUN 2016 December 8, 2016
    Queen Chinyere Gift, the reigning Miss Tourism Ogun has released new photos to celebrate her crown.   The Anambra state born model, who defeated other contestants to emerge the face of Tourism in Ogun state looked regal in her official photos below. The post 5 Stunning Photos of MISS TOURISM OGUN 2016 appeared first on […]
  • Here’s To Ladies Who Slay In ‘Other Things’ But Not Their Academics December 8, 2016
    Your mum is starving to keep you in school. Your younger siblings eat twice a day. Your father works for his son’s mate. They suffer and bleed in their hearts. But they comfort themselves with the hope that you will come out of school and change the condition of things. Your father believes that one day, […]
  • A Woman’s Sleeping Position And What They Reveal About Her December 8, 2016
    1. If you sleep flat and straight as a board, that’s an indication of being quiet and reserved. It also could mean that you’ve got a high sense of self-worth. 2. If you are most comfortable on your side, it means that you’re calm and laid-back when you’re awake. You are also very trusting, but […]

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  • Microsoft, Qualcomm Tuck Windows 10 Into ARM Devices December 8, 2016
    Microsoft on Wednesday announced the compatibility of Windows 10 and native Windows apps with ARM-based processors, including Qualcomm's Snapdragon, which currently powers a large percentage of Android devices. The new partnership will make it possible for Windows applications, peripherals and enterprise solutions to run on new mobile, power efficient and always-connected cellular PCs.
  • Android Marshmallow on PC Falls Flat December 7, 2016
    Android-x86 Project eventually may become a viable operating system alternative for your desktop and laptops computers, but it's not there yet. You will have to wait a while for the developers to fix a number of failures with the latest release upgrading Android-x86 to Marshmallow 6.0.1. Android-x86 lets you run the Android OS with the […]
  • Tech Giants Team to Battle Terrorism Online December 7, 2016
    Facebook has teamed up with Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft to fight the proliferation of terrorist content on the Web. The tech giants will create a shared industry database of hashes for violent terrorist imagery, terrorist recruitment videos, or images they have removed from their services. They may use these shared hashes to help identify potential […]
  • Ransomware Fighters Get New Free Tool December 7, 2016
    Ransomware has become a gold mine for digital criminals. In the first three months of this year, electronic extortionists squeezed $209 million from victims desperate to recover their data after it was scrambled by the malicious software, based on FBI estimates. At that rate, ransomware could funnel as much as $1 billion into criminal coffers […]
  • iPhone Envy May Have Felled Galaxy Note7 December 6, 2016
    Samsung's desire to match the iPhone 7 Plus led it to implement an aggressive design and manufacturing approach that led to problems with its Galaxy Note7 -- including some instances of the smartphones bursting into flames, Instrumental reported last week. Instrumental engineers tore down a Galaxy Note7, and found "tension between safety and pushing the […]
  • Multinational Effort Halts Malware Avalanche December 6, 2016
    The DoJ on Monday released new details about the multinational takedown of Avalanche, a multimillion-dollar malware and money-laundering network, following a four-year probe led by German police and prosecutors. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell, Acting U.S. Attorney Soo C. Song and Assistant Director Scott S. Smith of the FBI's Cyber Division made the announcement […]
  • AI Platforms Welcome Devs With Open Arms December 6, 2016
    Two leaders in the field of artificial intelligence have announced that they're open-sourcing their AI platforms. After investing in building rich simulated environments to serve as laboratories for AI research, Google's DeepMind Lab said it would open the platform for the broader research community's use. DeepMind has "only barely scratched the surface of what is […]
  • Facebook Videos Explain AI in a Nutshell December 5, 2016
    Facebook last week released six videos to educate people about artificial intelligence. AI will bring major changes to society, and will be the backbone of many of the most innovative apps and services of the future, but it remains mysterious, noted Yann LeCun, Facebook's director of AI research, and Joaquin Candela, the company's director of […]
  • Isn't Fake News Propaganda? December 5, 2016
    A few years back, when it was one company, HP made a huge mistake that cost a number of people their jobs and forced the replacement of many of its board members. The company suffered through some nasty litigation and several top executives almost landed in jail. The mistake was tied back to something called […]
  • Refracta 8.0 Is a Pint-Sized Powerhouse December 2, 2016
    Refracta is a somewhat obscure Linux distribution that offers exceptional functionality and stability. Obscurity is not always a bad thing when it comes to Linux distros. You can find some very worthwhile alternatives to your current operating system. Refracta is a big surprise in a small package. Many look-alike desktop distros are difficult to distinguish […]